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These events encourage creativity, teamwork and fun – no art experience needed! Count on a well-organized, upscale event.

Why don’t you try something new?

The annual Christmas party or the next team event is just around the corner and you are responsible for the planning? You have already tried everything and want something different? We have the solution for you.

Why not get creative together?


There’s a strong correlation between employee retention and the quality of team relationships. The fun and easygoing nature of Painting Partys is great for team bonding. They also relieves stress!

For companies, group painting has a hidden benefit: It encourages team members’ brains to work in new ways, and jump-starts creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

At Painting partys, we are really flexible, detail-oriented and offer a variety of options. Our team building events are easily and frequently customized for client appreciation and office holiday parties.

We have several options and here are just a few:

Puzzle Paintings

Individual pieces make a whole. Your team works on individual canvases, but must work together to make sure their canvases line up to create a “bigger picture” – when everyone is finished the cavases are placed together to revel a mural painting!

Classic Painting Party

This version is all about socializing. Our professional artists will guide the team through the painting with step-by-step instructions to allow everyone to complete their own masterpiece and feel that sense of pride and accomplishment.

Mystery Paintings

Create while practicing trust and focus. Follow the artist’s directions without knowing what the finished painting will look like. This version is sure to surprise!

Two and a half hours of shared fun are a small investment in your team that will linger in everyday working life and the professional unity in the team that has developed are the return.

You can choose a painting from our painting gallery or design your own! We’ll work with you to create a custom painting that represents your team, event theme or company brand.

  • Ideal

    Teambuilding, milestone celebrations, holiday parties, office parties, after-work-get-togethers, incentives, customer appreciation……

  • Creative

    No matter which industry you work in, your employees experience creativity, unity and new motivation. Through the interaction with their coworkers, completely new creative views can emerge. Our artists lead you step by step to success.
    You decide whether a puzzle painting adorns the lobby area of your company or each employee hangs his own picture in the office or takes it home with him.
    Whatever you decide, the memory of good teamwork remains.

  • How it works in the studio

    We provide everything necessary (canvases, brushes, paints, aprons) for you in our studio to make your event unforgettable. You can choose a painting from our painting gallery. We will be happy to design an individual picture according to your wishes. There are so many different possibilities to get creative as a team – please contact us.

  • How it works mobile

    We pack our Painting-Party-Mobile and come to your location with our friendly artists and all materials. Our employees build everything up and leave no traces behind. Also here you can choose from our extensive motive gallery, or express your individual wishes.

  • Individual

    If you need help with the realization of your painting party, don’t miss to contact us.

Please send us your inquiry using the form on the right. We look forward to hearing from you.

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